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  • End of Year Tax Planning – For 31 March Balance Date Clients

    The 2018 year end is approaching fast! 

    For us, we are just finishing off the work from the 2017 financial year as you are heading into the 2019 financial year – it all seems to roll on from one year to the next!

    There are a few tax compliance matters for the 2018 year that you should consider before 31 March arrives and some things you should do on that date…  Unfortunately this year the year-end falls over Easter weekend too!

    Things that need to be considered and actioned before 31 March:

    Things that need to be considered on 31 March or the last trading day of the year:

    We have already made a start on our 2018 year end work scheduling and will finalise that early in April 2018.  We will then send you a letter letting you know when your work is expected to be completed.  In the meantime, if for some reason you wish for your work to be at a specific time or if your work is urgent, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your request.  

    We will also be getting ready for you to collect your 2019 annual folders in early April 2018.  This year the tabs will be slightly different from what you have previously received.