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  • Michelle Oldfield

    Newly appointed Associate

    Anyone who thinks that success is all about grit and steely-edged determination clearly hasn’t met Michelle Oldfield. Unassuming and relaxed, she’s more likely to hand you a coffee and sit down for a chat than hit you with business theory.

    Michelle is already a familiar face to many, having fulfilled a senior accountancy role with the firm since September 2016. With 17 years’ experience in the Bay, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a range of industries. Her promotion to Associate has allowed her to bring even more value to clients as well as playing an active role in practice growth and development.

    The success of those she supports is clear evidence that her approach works.


    What is the most interesting part of your day/business?

    I love the variety – no two businesses or clients are the same and there is no cookie cutter solution to assisting clients in achieving growth and success. 

    Each client has different needs, expectations and personal things happening so we adapt our services to suit. We also need to have knowledge of varying industries. Even clients within the same or similar industries can be at varying stages of their business and have different levels of operation.


    Did you have any mentors throughout your career and how did they influence your decision?

    Yes certainly. I have been fortunate enough to work for practices throughout my career that have provided me with the high professional standards and ethics that form my work style today. 

    I have also learnt a lot from my clients – they all have valuable skills and knowledge which have contributed to their own success as business owners. This combined knowledge often shapes what we do and ensures the best possible outcome.


    What drives you?

    Seeing the success of my clients. 

    Most clients work extremely hard to achieve a goal and build wealth, and for 

    some it’s a 24/7 commitment. Over time a work life balance is achievable for most clients and working with them to allow that to happen is hugely rewarding.


    What other interests/hobbies do you have?

    Squash and drag racing!

    Over winter I enjoy a game or two of Squash. I’ve grown into the sport playing at a social level at Devoy Squash and Fitness Centre, a club that has fantastic facilities and success at all levels. Over the years I’ve been able to contribute my time, experience and professional skills to this community organisation and this year I’ve taken up the role of club president.

    Summers are committed to a family sport of drag racing. It’s a full on day at the track, usually running around under a bit of pressure, but there’s generally a lot laughter as well. We’re usually at our local track in Meremere but we have travelled as far as Christchurch.