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  • Recent media publications —Inland Revenue Email Scams Circulating

    Email scams purporting to be from IRD are currently doing the rounds—do not get caught out!  The emails look real with only a couple of clues that give them away.  The main clue being that we are your Tax Agent representative so all IRD communications should be received by our office from the IRD in the first instance.

    Do not fall victim to the latest email subject line reading “IR3 individual income tax return 2016”, suggesting that “After the last calculations of your fiscal activity, we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund”.  The give away is the word fiscal as it is not widely used in NZ.

    As your tax agent, we have the authority to act on your behalf, therefore, any IRD communications should be re-directed to our offices if you are unsure.  For all IRD return disclosures, we will attend to this on your behalf so receiving an email of this nature should automatically ring alarm bells.

    There are ways to spot a scam—The IRD will not send you an email with a hyperlink to a webpage that ask you to submit personal information; send you an email, knock on your door or phone you promising a tax refund; ask you to pay money to release a tax refund; ask you to pay a tax debt using iTunes cards, or any type of gift voucher; threaten legal action “out of the blue” unless you immediately start to repay a tax debt; or send a representative to your house without an appointment.