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    Bennetts - Matai Pacific -014-2“My background is in sheep and beef farming rather than kiwifruit, so when we started our first orchard in 2000 we were looking for an accountant who could bring industry specific expertise. Lance has brought that and more.

    In the last ten years we’ve expanded to four separate orchards, totalling over 120 hectares. I’m one of two Directors with an overview role in the business, but the day-to-day operations are essentially run by our Orchard Manager Tom Heeney and Lance. They’re the on-the-ground guys who make it all happen.

    They’ve done a great job and the orchards have been very well run. Even with the
    impact of PSA we’re in good shape. We may be a bit down but we’re certainly not out.

    There’s no doubt that Lance has played a significant part in all of this. He’s our adviser, number-cruncher, tax man and secretary. He attends our monthly meetings and gets involved in some pretty robust debates.

    One of his real strengths is future planning. He’ll put together budget projections based on a range of different scenarios so we have a clear picture of how different circumstances will affect orchard gate returns. It means we’re prepared, and able to make the right decisions at the right times.

    Lance is very well supported by the team at Bennetts Proactive. They work together well and they definitely have our best interests at heart”.

    From an interview with Peter Davies, Director Matai Pacific.
    Photo: Lance with Orchard Manager Tom Heeney.