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    "Lance’s strong point is strategy – he’s forward thinking and is always looking ahead, talking to us about where we’re going. He spots potential issues and figures out a way to deal with them before they become a problem.

    When the recession first hit,  a lot of companies tried to save money on their accounting. We did the opposite, getting Lance even more involved because we realised that it was going to be vital to have accurate information to make strong decisions. It was a good decision and played a key part in helping us trade through those lean periods.

    We’ve been working with Bennetts Proactive since around 2000, when we formally became Evocom NZ Ltd, trading as Mackie Signs. We also operate Evocom Australia , Evocom Retail Solutions (antijump security systems) & Hexagon NZ (a joint Malaysian venture).

    Lance has been instrumental in structuring the business to make it as effective as possible from an accounting and tax perspective, particularly taking into account the added complications of having an international operation. If you don’t get these structures right from the beginning they end up costing you further down the track.

    It’s important to us as a company to be agile and able to respond quickly to new opportunities. We have been known to start a new company, dump it on Lance and say ‘make it work’. He does a bit of eye-rolling, but he always gets it done for us.

    At Bennetts Proactive it’s about a lot more than accounting, there’s always really useful analysis that gives it to you in black and white".

    From an interview with Tim Wykes & Nadine Morrison, Directors.
    Evocom NZ Ltd

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