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    kiwimark-c_-5364“From when we first took over the business 11 years ago, Lance has been there to guide us through. He had always been the accountant for the building company and had come well recommended. Our background was not in running a business. We were thrown in the deep end – and Lance gave us his full support. He sat with us and went through all the elements of running a business, and compliance, that we had to learn. Lance’s team even introduced us to QuickBooks and taught us how to use it.

    He was there for general business advice, and helped us with how to structure both the business and personal trusts. However, to make sure we are all on the same page, he also does a yearly strategic plan for the business – looking forward to cover tax planning and the budget. And he doesn’t fill your head with ‘mumbo-jumbo’, but explains the concepts, working through one page at a time, in a way that you will understand.

    You always get a quick answer from Lance. It is easy to bounce ideas – for example pricing – off him. He’ll think about it and get straight back to you. You know that he always has your best interest at heart.

    It is important for us to both like the people we work with and have a good trust relationship. Lance is a key person who we count on in our business. With Lance in the business we have gone from strength to strength. I can’t imagine what we’d do if Lance wasn’t there anymore”.

    From an interview with Travis and Helen Morgan, Business Owners of KiwiMark Construction.