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  • Squeezing 60 Hours into a 30 Hour Week – Part Two

    The first seminar of our Better Business Series is titled “Squeezing 60 Hours into a 30 Hour Week” and was hosted by Jennifer Myers from 10x Hamilton.

    The following are some tips and techniques to help you become more effective.

    The top 10 timewasters are:
    1.    Lack of planning
    2.    Interruptions
    3.    Lack of focus
    4.    No clear goals
    5.    Mind chatter
    6.    Messy desk
    7.    Email/social media
    8.    Lack of prioritisation
    9.    Multitasking
    10.    Poor use of systems

    Consider just ONE strategy you can implement today that will help you better manage that timewaster.

    The 4 D’s:
    1.    Decide when
    2.    Do it now
    3.    Delegate
    4.    Dump it

    Effective delegation steps are defining in your own mind what the job is, selecting the right person to help, assessing that person’s ability to carry out the task, explaining the task clearly and thoroughly, explaining the desired result, identifying and supplying resources, advising the deadline of the task, being there for support and offering feedback.

    We hope you have found this information interesting and helpful. Look out for the next blog following the second seminar of our Better Business Series, in conjunction with 10x, titled “Stop Wasting Money on Marketing” being held in August 2014.