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  • Squeezing 60 Hours into a 30 Hour Week – Part One

    The first seminar of our Better Business Series is titled “Squeezing 60 Hours into a 30 Hour Week” and was hosted by Jennifer Myers from 10x Hamilton.

    The following are some tips and techniques to help you become more effective.

    Firstly work out on a scale of 1 to 10 where you are at with regards to time management then think about the 1 thing you could improve.

    There are three pathways to effectiveness:
    1.    Better focus
    2.    Better communication
    3.    Bring your ‘A’ game

    The formula to success is decisions x actions = results! If nothing changes, nothing changes!

    The 5 A’s of change are:
    1.    Awareness – identification of the issue
    2.    Acceptance – something needs to change
    3.    Action – what to do
    4.    Accountability – to whom are we responsible
    5.    Acknowledgement – that it will not be easy, there will be obstacles and how do we go around this

    Some listening bad habits are frequently interrupting, finishing the other person’s sentence, jumping to conclusions, answering with unsolicited advice and making decisions before you have all the information, to name a few. The key to being a better listener is to stay in the present.

    Good communication is having respect for the person, their opinions, their strength and their differences. It is also being efficient and effective.

    Efficient communication is achieved by doing your homework, only conveying need to know information, advising of information they should know, thinking of information that would be nice to know and eliminate information that is not needed.

    Effective communication is achieved by having an agenda, having timeframes and agreeing on a result.

    That concludes part one of the tips and techniques from our first seminar of our free Better Business Series, in conjunction with 10x. Keep an eye out for part two and further blogs from these seminars.