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  • Growth

    Most business owners aim for expansion, but all too often the benefits of don’t quite stack up as expected.

    Rapid growth goes hand-in-hand with increased pressure on cashflow, systems and staff. If not managed effectively, these pressures can cause unexpected blow-outs that actually see your business and bottom-line going backwards.

    Bennetts Proactive will work with you to ensure that your expansion is planned and managed – achieving your business vision without unexpected pitfalls or limitations.

    We have tools and techniques that predict the overall effect of making changes to your structure, costs or pricing. This ‘what if’ analysis gives you meaningful analysis to provide the basis for informed decision making.

    We can also help you develop robust systems and structures to deal with expansion in the most sustainable and efficient manner. For example, outsourcing some or all of your business management functions provides flexibility to upsize rapidly and effectively to accommodate increased business volume.