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  • Estate Planning

    It has been said that the definition of good financial management is living life in such a way that you run out of money the day after you die…

    Whether you do or don’t subscribe to this logic, chances are most of us will have something left over to pass on to future generations. The trick is to pass it to the right people, in the most cost effective way.

    After years of hard work it’s unlikely you want your estate to be frittered away on administrative complications or tax bills. Equally, you don’t want your assets to end up in the wrong hands or have the process cause unnecessary trauma for your family and friends.

    To achieve the best outcome, your estate planning requires careful and timely consideration. It’s important that your wishes are clearly documented, and that the necessary structures are in place.

    The Bennetts Proactive team will work with you to establish a clear picture of your vision. We then work with your solicitor to implement your wishes in the most cost effective and stress-free manner.