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    “The squash club is extremely lucky to have Michelle. She takes most of the responsibility for the club on her shoulders. Also, she is a really good sort – people like her. She is always very welcoming to new members, earns people’s trust and builds relationships easily.

    I first met Michelle through the squash club a number of years ago. She was Treasurer at the time, which is the most important role, but often thankless. Involvement with the committee is voluntary, but there is a huge amount of time and effort involved by its members to ensure the club is successful. 

    Last year, when I was club President, we were host club for the Junior World champs. Through her involvement, Michelle was one of the critical success factors in ensuring that the club contributed to the successful hosting of the event.

    In my job, I am away a lot, so having people such as Michelle on the ground enabled me to concentrate on the President’s role. She is extremely capable and I have every confidence in her ability to keep her eye on the ball.

    Michelle is really forward-thinking, which means she ensures she has good oversight on what is going on in the club, and steps in to any role where things need doing. Any job she does, she always does with minimum fuss and never seeks the limelight. She is happy to front things, or to be in the background working tirelessly to get things done – whatever is in the best interests of the club.”

    From an interview with Dame Susan Devoy