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  • Christmas Holidays 2017/18

    This year the Christmas break public holidays are observed on the actual day when they fall due

    NZ Public Holiday Actual Date Observed Date
    Christmas Day 25 December (Monday) 25 December (Monday)
    Boxing Day 26 December (Tuesday) 26 December (Tuesday)
    New Year's Day 1 January (Monday) 1 January (Monday)
    Day after New Year's Day 2 January (Tuesday) 2 January (Tuesday)





    All employees are entitled to public holiday benefits provided it would normally be a working day for that employee whether they are casual, fixed term, part time or full time.  There is no minimum period of time an employee has to be employed to get a public holiday entitlement.

    An agreement can be made between the Employer and the Employer to transfer the observance of the Public Holiday to another day if the observed date is not convenient for either party.

    If an employee works on a Public Holiday then the employee will be entitled to time and a half for the time worked plus an alternative holiday day must be provided.