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    How do we increase the efficiency within our team by 70%?

    As part of my reading and ongoing development I discovered a very simple tip, that I felt displayed one of the key attributes that was needed within any business or team.

    From the NZ Avocado Assn 2014 Annual Report, comes the statement 
    “by syncing their wing beats and flying in formation, ducks are able to fly 70 percent further than if each bird flew alone”.

    There is a massive learning in this statement for all businesses and team leaders. 

    If all the members of the team are on the same page, going in the same direction, and working in harmony then there is no doubt we will get further faster.

    Being of single mind and single focus will always get a team to achieve the desired objectives faster and more efficiently. 

    Within our team at Bennetts Proactive Accountants, we try hard to get in sync with our clients in all ways, then together we can assist our clients improve their business results.

    Our challenge is to increase our efficiency by 70% within our team. And that requires all team members being completely in sync.