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    “Lance is so much more than just an accountant – I think of him more as a business advisor and mentor. He has walked alongside me since my first day as business-owner and often knows what I need better than I do. The experience and insight he brings across a whole range of areas has been invaluable – our first year of business definitely wouldn’t have gone as well without him.

    As a business mentor he is always available to answer my questions – I’m not sure how he manages it actually – plus we have dedicated Bennetts Proactive team members who handle the practical day-to-day things like Xero. They’re all really great to work with.

    Lance is a man of integrity and we have a great relationship. He treats me with respect and as an equal and has never made me feel out of my depth even when we’re dealing with topics that are completely new to me.  He’s very down-to-earth and honest which I appreciate, and is always encouraging and supportive.

    We were first introduced by the previous owner of Beach Law as Lance had been brought in to work with the team in reviewing office systems and improving general efficiencies.  When we began discussions for the change of ownership, Lance supported the whole process, from negotiations through transfer and hand-over of clients. The fact that he has been involved from the beginning has meant that he has a complete understanding of the business. Bennetts Proactive provides a far bigger service than accountancy, and has tailored their service to meet our needs.”

    From an interview with Rochelle Belworthy, Director / Solicitor Beach Law, Papamoa.