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  • 7 Steps to Magic Marketing

    The second seminar of our Better Business Series is titled “7 Steps to Magic Marketing” and was hosted by Jennifer Myers from 10x Hamilton in August.

    The following are some tips to help you become more effective in marketing.

    “Marketing is a goal oriented activity with its purpose to achieve the desired outcomes”

    The 7 Steps to Magic Marketing are:
    1.    Define your ideal client profile
    2.    Find out what they do and do not want
    3.    Find out how to reach them
    4.    Market to them effectively
    5.    Make it easy to contact you
    6.    Deliver +1% of what they expect, and
    7.    Test and measure everything!

    The 3 Key Market Outcomes are:
    1.    Change attitude
    2.    Modify behaviour
    3.    Generate leads

    Important points to remember are:
    1.    “The key to getting what you want….is helping other people get what they want.”
    2.    “People buy when they can’t satisfy the need themselves”
    3.    “People buy value”

    The Top 7 Marketing Mistakes are:
    1.    Me/we/us focused language
    2.    Poor targeting
    3.    Unrealistic expectations
    4.    Not understanding – lag time
    5.    Lack of frequency
    6.    Promoting features not benefits
    7.    No testing and measuring

    That concludes some of the tips from our second seminar of our free Better Business Series, in conjunction with 10x. Keep an eye out for further blogs from these seminars.